49 years of locomotive construction in Dassendorf

Exactly to the day after 49 years, Egon Bockholt& Söhne Feinmechanik GmbH ceased operations on 31.03.2022. This means over 1800 locomotive models based on 57 prototypes and each series in different versions (e.g. Länderbahn, Reichsbahn and Budesbahn). The steel construction is the distinctive feature of all locomotive and wagon models made by Bockholt. Due to the "hard soldering" connection technique, the models are made for eternity and have a high value retention. A further unique selling point is the gear construction with bronze gearwheel on a multi-start worm, which is derived from mechanical engineering. These construction features result in a high tractive force in driving operation (without adhesive tyres or built-in additional weights) and excellent endurance running properties. Due to the low use of small castings and a 100% German production, all owners of Bockholt models can be sure that they will not be confronted with later replicas.