Preußische EG 551-570 / DRG E 90.5

In the year 1912 the Preußischen Staatseisenbahnen ordered ten double-locomotives of this type for the passenger- and freight-traffic on the route Lauban-Königszelt. The vehicle parts were manufactured by Beuchelt, Humboldt and Linke-Hofmann, the electrical equipment by Brown, Boveri & Cie. Due to the First World War the locomotives were put into service in september 1919. Until the end of the Second World War, the locomotives were mainly used in front of freight trains on the Silesian mountain routes.
The locomotive has the axle arrangement C+C. The three axles were each driven via a primary reduction gearing with blind shaft and coupling rods with Hall cranks on each side. The frame is an outer frame which is stiffened by the headstock and struts. The passage between the locomotive boxes was protected by a bellows. At the short coupling end of each half there was a luggage compartment with various switching devices. The vehicles thus belonged to the group of luggage car locomotives.

  • Preußische EG 551
  • DRG E 90.5