E 95

 The DRG type E 95 was planned in the 1920s for the traction of heavy coal trains in the silesian railway network. In december 1927 the first test runs have been started with the E 95 01.The peak performance during the test runs was a transport of a 2.568 to heavy train, composed of 39 wide-body self-unloading cars.Overall six machines have been ordered. The last conserved exemplar is located in the DB Museum Haale (Saale). It is under operable refurbishment by the Traditionsgemeinschaft Bw Halle P e.V..


  • Delivery status in khaki-grey-black painting with brass plates
  • DRG E 95 in blue-grey-black painting with brass plates
  • DRG E 95 in green-black painting with red wheels und brass plates
  • DR E 95 in green-black painting with nickel silver plates

The technical journalist Peter Pernsteiner has created a nice video about the model.


SJ Mas 4

 In addition to the Swedish ore locomotive Dm3, we built the three-axle ore wagon SJ Mas 4. The wagon was designed for the transport of iron ore.