Since 1973, when Egon Bockholt finished his BR 86, Bockholt's locomotives stand for unbelievable quality and an eye for details.

Looking back on Bockholt locomotives from 1973 till today; it's a journey through the history of Railways.

Steam Locomotives
Like others, our workshop began with the manufacture of steam locos. With their enormous number of details, they are a challenge for every manufacturer of models. For good reason, they are in the focus of our work.

Diesel Locomotives
They are a symbol for reliability far away from any overhead cable. That's true for our Diesel locos as well; they are supplied with power invisible through the driving tracks.

Power and easy handling, that was the main benefit of e-locos. But nevertheless you would never call our e-locos easy.

Freight Cars
They give the locomotive a job. In real life as in the model.

Passenger Cars
What is more beautiful as to be pulled by a beautiful locomotive floating throught the landscape? not much. Complete your collection with our fine detailed Passengercars.

models.pdf (19,07 MB) – All the models we made.
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