This Diesel engine machine was delivered from 1973 by the Russian Locomotive factory Kolmna at Lugansk to Deutsche Reichsbahn. More than 700 locos of this type were built up to 1982.

The impulse was Diesel electric and made 300 HP. To make possible a practical service in touring railway the 232 were equipped with an electric train heating.

After the turning point 1989 the efficient machines quickly find operation areas in the West of Germany under the name of Deutsche Reichsbahn.

We built the BR 232 in the version of Reichsbahn as shown on the first picture. Additional the version with round ventilator from serial number 232 540.

The version of Reichsbahn without Indusi get the loco plates with numbers 132. The locos of Reichsbahn of 1991 are printed according to the picture. The version of DB gets the high ventilators above the engine piece.

Painted in oriental red (as picture three) or in a little brighter traffic red with DB-Cargo lettering. Additional we built the
V 232-SP-40 from the company Spitzke logistics and the turquoise DB V 234-304.

All models with lattice shield above the electric piece gets powered ventilator wheels.

Put into service 1973 Year of construction 2005/2006
Length over buffers 20,820 mm Length over buffers 650 mm
Weight 114 to Weight 10 kg
Power 2,200-2,940 kW Scale/Gauge 1:32/Gauge 1
Maximum speed 74.6-87 mph
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