The DRG type E 95 was planned in the 1920s for the traction of heavy coal trains in the silesian railway network. In december 1927 the first test runs have been started with the E 95 01.The peak performance during the test runs was a transport of a 2.568 to heavy train, composed of 39 wide-body self-unloading cars.Overall six machines have been ordered. The last conserved exemplar is located in the DB Museum Haale (Saale). It is under operable refurbishment by the Traditionsgemeinschaft Bw Halle P e.V..


  • Delivery status in khaki-grey-black painting with brass plates
  • DRG E 95 in blue-grey-black painting with brass plates
  • DRG E 95 in green-black painting with red wheels und brass plates
  • DR E 95 in green-black painting with nickel silver plates

Put into service 1927 Year of construction 2020
Length over buffers 20,900 mm Length over buffers 652 mm
Weight 138.5 to Weight 9.4 kg
Power 2,418 kW Scale/Gauge 1:32/Gauge 1
Maximum speed 43.5 mph
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The technical journalist Peter Pernsteiner has created a nice video about the model.