After consolidation of national trains to Deutsche Reichsbahn alternatives for the old wagons for the local lines are provided. Following a standard layout cars of classes 2-4 were created. All wagons had 2 platforms, 1 toilet and at the platform sides access secured with folding Dix-guard. The wagons on standardized underframe had a length of 12 m. After world war 2 the cars were still in service at both railway associations. For the mountain route at Silesia (Schlesien) right at the beginning cars were reconstructed for traffic with electric motor railcars.

We have built the wagons as side-car for the electric motor railcar and in standard version. We offer the models in class 2; 3; 4 and 2-3. The models have buffered LED lightning with digital control. In addition to this wagons in the standard version next year we build a luggage van. The model will be sold as DRG and DB-wagon.


  • Rübezahlwagen 2. class
  • DRG 3. class
  • Rübezahlwagen 4. class

Put into service Year of construction 2012
Length over buffers Length over buffers
Weight Weight
Power Scale/Gauge 1:32/Gauge 1
Maximum speed
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