Made in the workshop of the PLM for passenger express service in the Valley of the Rhone, the Grande "C" was a very progressive design. Gernerally it was just called "Coupe Vent" ("Streamliner"). It was driven by a compound engine with four cylinders.

The model of the "Coupe Vent" was the only locomotive we built with the motor located in the tender. This was made necessary by the lack of space. The model was driven by two axles of the tender and by the driving axles of the locomotive, linked with the motor over a Cardan joint.

This series was ordered by Fulgurex.

Put into service 1898 Year of construction 1988
Length over buffers 18,992 mm Length over buffers 635 mm
Weight 90 to Weight 8 kg
Power - Scale/Gauge 1:30/Gauge 1
Maximum speed -
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