The S 10.1 was a revised design by Henschel with a four-cylinder-superheated-steam-composite-engine design "De-Glehn". Between 1911 and 1914 overall 152 engines of this type were built. Eye-catching is the shifted cylinder adjustment and the lower running plate. The Deutsche Reichsbahn took over the remaining 132 locomotives. In 1952 the Deutsche Bundesbahn withdrew their last S 10.1 engine. In contrast the Deutsche Reichsbahn-East converted 13 engines to coal-dust firing. In the Verkehrsmuseum Dresden you can still see the fractional rebuilt 17 1055 (prussian Posen 1107).


  • Länderbahn black/green/redbrown with trim lines
  • DRG black/red
  • DR black/red with coal-dust tender

Put into service 1911 Year of construction 2015
Length over buffers 21,110 mm Length over buffers 660 mm
Weight 83.1 to Weight 7.5 kg
Power 1,044 kW Scale/Gauge 1:32/Gauge 1
Maximum speed 74.6 mph
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