In 1913, Henschel developed a 1‘D1‘h2 tank locomotive for short distance services. The machine was driven by coal or oil for service on the Berliner Stadtbahn.

This series was originally called T 14 and was later renamed to BR 93.0-4. It has a very good performance and proved to be reliable. Because of its symmetric arranged axles it could be equally used in both directions. The later construction of the T14.1 (later BR 93.5-12) proved to be even more reliable because it has a bigger tank for water.

Both series were build in high numbers: more than 1.000 machines were delivered. They were in service till the end of the 60s on the tracks of both German railroad companies.

We manufactured for you the: T 14 8547, T 14 8553, DR 93 077, DR 93 215, DB 93 1074