To be applied since 1921 on the way Ilmenau-Schleusingen as “Erfurt 9101”. Inserted under Reichsbahn as BR 97 401 at Westerwald, registered at Linz/Rhein. 1938 saled to Brandenburgische Städtebahn (BStB), service in heavy freight haul, 1954 withdrawl from service at the DR. Locomotive system 1D1’h4v. The high-pressure cylinder for adhesive impulse and the faster running low-pressure cylinder for the gear-drive were arranged above each other. The T 28 should detach the slightly T 26.

The model has a gear drive. The gear-wheel engine works only on a railway track with rack and pinion.


  • Prussian "Erfurt 9101"
  • DRG BR 97 401

Put into service 1920 Year of construction 2014
Length over buffers 12,700 mm Length over buffers 397 mm
Weight 94.3 to Weight 8 kg
Power 719 kW Scale/Gauge 1:32/Gauge 1
Maximum speed 34.2/12.4 mph
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