Preußische EG 551/552 to EG 569/570 / DRG E 90.5

Thanks to the diligent efforts of one of our customers, I am now able to start the construction of the E 90.5 former Prussian EG 551/552 to EG 569/570.

In 1912 the Preußischen Staatseisenbahnen ordered ten double locomotives of this type for freight transport on Silesian lines. The first locomotive, EG 551/552, was delivered in 1919 due to the war. While the mechanical part was manufactured by the companies Linke-Hofmann in Breslau and Beuchelt in Grünberg, the electrical part was manufactured by BBC in Mannheim. The locomotive had the axle arrangement C+C. The three axles were each driven via a counter gear with blind shaft and coupling rods with Hall cranks on each side. The frame is an outer frame which is stiffened by the buffer planks and bracing. The passage between the locomotive bodies was protected by a bellows. The electrical components were installed in the outer part of the body. At the close coupling end of each half there was a luggage compartment with various switching devices. The vehicles thus belonged to the luggage van locomotives.

The locomotives, which are quite light with 16.4t axle pressure, were very quickly used not only in their main area of application, the Görlitz-Lauban-Königszelt, but also on secondary lines for freight and passenger trains. From 1929 all machines of this type were based at the Hirschberg depot, three locomotive units until 1945.

Our model is expected to be delivered in spring 2022. It will have a length of 499 mm and there will be a motor in each part. It will be controlled by one ESU-LoksoundXL 5.0 decoder each.
The following designs are built by us:
e 90 5 varianten


A look into the factory.

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